Can Shilajit Help Control Diabetes?

How Can Shilajit Better the Lives of Diabetes Sufferers?

What Kind of Shilajit is Recommended for Those With Diabetes?

Shilajit comes in several forms: capsules, powder, solid, pellet, and liquid.

I’ve personally tried it in shilajit capsule, solid, and liquid form. The pellets don’t look very appetizing to me, and I had heard horror stories of the powder, people saying that there was no real shilajit in the powder form, and instead other substances were used like monkey poo!

Is Shilajit Safe Among Diabetics?

Yes! Shilajit is not only safe for diabetics, it is recommended!

I’ve heard that shilajit capsules are most recommended. Is this true?

If you are taking shilajit for diabetes management, please refrain from using shilajit capsules. This may work for some people as a dietary supplement, but if you are taking it for a medical condition, you need to be sure that it is pure shilajit. Shilajit in capsules has been known to be fake or counterfeit, or simply not have enough shilajit to make the dose worthwhile. There are many other forms of shilajit that work effectively, and these are verified as pure and genuine shilajit.

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